Demat Account Opening

Started from Zero

Our leading strength is that we opened our Share broking industry from level zero, as a Sub-broker and shortly took trading memberships. Hence, we appreciate the needs of our customers and our business partners very well.

Integrated and transparent services

We worth integrity and transparency in customer’s transactions and offer the top worth for money to our customers. Our devoted relationship managers are trained to offer brilliant services and complete pleasure to all their customers.

All services under one umbrella

All the memberships are in 1 firm name, no annoy of account transfers, deliveries adjustment. One could purchase share in one exchange and sell in another and get arbitrage opportunities, extremely hassle-free

Accurate and timely research

We are always endeavored to offer timely research based recommendation to our customers. Our research team contains of experienced Fundamental, Technical and Derivative approach analysts.

Wide range of Services

We are recommending share, Commodities and Currencies broking, Depository Services, IPO & Mutual Fund Distribution, Merchant Banking, Non Banking monetary Services, etc

The best technology platforms

A healthy tech team led by IIT graduates seems after seamless, hassle-free, lightening quick and simple transactions. With the top trading software’s, mobile apps and back office software’s, we are wholly equipped and ready for the next gen trading obligations.

About Demat Account

Have you constantly finding what you need to do while begin trading in the Indian stock market? Each and every one has to be a Demat account and the funds to do business. Looks easy, doesn’t it?

Demat is short form for Dematerialized account to purchase or put up for sale stocks and shares. It is the account that holds all your shares in electronic or dematerialized form. Similar to the bank account, a demat account holds the certificates of your monetary instruments like shares, bonds, administration securities, mutual funds. You cannot trade in the stock market without a demat account.

There are two depositories in under demat account – the CDSL and NSDL. They hold all the demat accounts. Shares and securities are held in dematerialized form in demat account. It is necessary to have a demat account to bring out a deal in stock exchange. Once an account is opened, you can buy shares.

Depository participants:

Make contact with the central depository is provided by the Depository Participants or DPs. They perform as the intermediary among the central depository and the investor. DPs could be banks, brokers or financial institutions that are sceptred to suggest demat services. SWASTIKA INVESTMART is one such Depository Participant. You can open a demat account here we will give you an exceptional access to the central depository.

Portfolio holding:

The demat account holds all your securities. Thus whenever you like to check your account, you can see your assortment share and its information. These are simplified repeatedly every time when you accomplish a deal buying or selling a security.


You have need of to forward confirmation of identity and take in hand along with a passport size photograph and the account opening form. Single photocopies of the documents are necessary for submission, but originals are also necessary for confirmation.

Confirmation of identity: PAN CARD, VOTERS ID, PASSPORT, DRIVING LICENCES, electricity bill, telephone bill, ID cards with applicant's photograph issued by the central or state government and its departments, legal or authoritarian organization, public sector undertakings (PSUs), planned marketable banks, public monetary institutions, colleges associated to universities.

Evidence of address: Ration card, passport, voter ID card, driving license, bank passbook or bank declaration, confirmed copies of electricity bills, house telephone bills, leave and authorize agreement or conformity for sale, self-declaration by High Court or Supreme Court judges, identity card or a certificate with address issued by the central or state government and its departments.


On the comprehensive run today’s, Indian stock markets are on a rising trend, with incredible development opportunities in short and long term savings. A Demat account possibly will cover the approach for you to benefit from the existing stock market and put together a well collection for the future.